Tuesday, August 01, 2006

it is hot.

it is, as we used to say in eighth grade, africa hot.

and i have to say that i am happy that training hasn't begun yet! although there is now a nysc (my gym, for those of you non-new yorkers, is new york sports club) conveniently located at houston and varick, just a little ways north from my office. between that and the broadway one, i have zero excuses for not being able to make the gym. i could even go at lunch. yikes.

i'm also working on my friend demps to join me in my insanity to run. it would be good to have a partner in crime to train with and to share the pain and suffering. i'll bust out the cliche, hipster-style: misery company.

stay cool everyone and don't use too much ac. we don't need no blackouts round here.

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