Monday, August 28, 2006

sunday's run

i confess there is nothing terribly exciting in this post. consider yourself warned.

between running and having my favorite thai delivered to my favorite bar with some pals, i was passed out by 11:30 saturday night. despite this, getting up at 9 was still a struggle, and so didn't get out for a run until 10 after more than a few taps of the snooze button.

i felt ok. my sister came with me (good), but my left calf-muscle was really tight (bad). i had to stop and stretch it out before we really got going, but despite this, i think we made pretty good time (i really must get a watch so i can confirm or deny my "we made good time" hunches). 3.43 miles...and i think the next run will chalk up to over 40 miles total....eeeeee!

today is a day of rest. and i can't say that i'm unhappy about that.

yesterday's mileage: 3.43
total mileage: 36.88

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Carissa said...

I enjoyed catchign up with your Blog and GREAT JOB on your fundraising!!!!! Looking forward to seeing you this week and playing some running catch-up...I was in Montana all last week...I tell you what, you haven't struggled until you've tried running in the mountains above 7,500 feet!!