Wednesday, August 30, 2006

off topic: saving the planet

in other efforts...

al gore and other global warming experts will soon be training 1,000 people to give the presentation that he developed and is shown in an inconvenient truth. when i read this somewhere, i got really excited - i really wanted to be one of those 1,000 - and have been digging around to figure out how one gets to apply, etc.

well, today, i was down in dc meeting with wwf (pandas, not wrestling) and i asked my friend matt in the climate protection department if he had heard anything about "the call" yet and...he had!

i just applied here to be one of those lucky people. if i am chosen, there will be a 2 day training in tennessee in december or january (no marathon conflict, don't worry!) and then i will need to present 10 times in the following year.

and then there will be another cause for me to bother you all about post-marathon. otherwise...what would i do with myself? =)

undo global warming people! you can! (just practicing).

time to sleep...need to make up for lack of running today, tomorrow early.

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