Friday, August 25, 2006

a little taste of ramon & the ticky-ticky-ticky dance

after each practice and before the next, ramon sends out a recap of the former. i thought you might get a kick out of it. this was the one that i missed - basically instead of long arm swings, they worked on short ones. aka "the ticky-ticky-ticky dance." enjoy.


Sooo...did you enjoy the ticky-ticky-ticky dance or what?
Don't worry you'll get to do it all over again in a few weeks when we start running some hills...........

Two weeks of training went by, and so far so good.

Running, specially long distance running, (and I think that we all agree that 13.1 or 26.2 it's long....), the most important thing it's to be efficient while we run, not wasting energy as we move/run/trot along the road, and nothing better to be efficient than to run relaxed, and nothing tell us better if we are relaxed or not than our upperbody !! Remember, the upperbody is in charge, the legs will follow whatever the upperbody does, if you swing your arms faster- your legs will
move faster, if you swing them higher- you'll have a longer stride, if swing them lower you run with a shorter stride, Thist upperbody-lowerbody conection was the focus of the first two workout.

First week we worked on a higher swing this week on a shorter-lower swing of the arms. Working on a shorter quicker stride will help you to:
-work a different set of muscles that you don't usually use, so helping the overall leg strength
-you teach your legs to move faster (leg turn over), that's a good thing when running
-loosen up the hip flexor muscles
-upperbody awareness, if you learn to run relaxed this way, chances are you'll run relaxed anytime (relaxation = Your best friend when running lonnnnngggg)
-For those overstriders, helps you to develop a shorter stride with `less impact' (remember the higher/longer the stride the more impact to the quad/hamstring muscles) we want to prevent overstriding.

When do you get to use that kind of stride? You really never run the way we asked you to on wednesday in any race or marathon, when focusing on a particular goal (short stride in this case) we want to exaggerate (for lack of better word in my little english vocabulary) the particular movement, so the brain (for those that have it) will really have to concentrate on the task on hand and be aware of the changes that take place, that's why you feel a `little' uncomfortable doing it, because it's not the `natural' or `your usual' way. But if you repeat that exercise a few times and your brain will make the necessary adjustments, that's why some of you were improving later in the workout (besides the fact that those screaming coaches wouldn't allow to give up). Sooo…..I hope this helps you understand if it doesn' are gonna have to trust us...

So, now get ready for Saturday, I can guarantee you that most of you will run the longest you ever done……but get used to it, that's going to be the theme almost everyweekend…

And next wednesday......oh yes....oh .yes.....X-Training madness day !!!! get ready.......

That was my nonsense for today !!

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