Saturday, August 26, 2006

ain't no sunshine

last night i saw my new favorite band, beirut play the mercury lounge. they were so amazing. 8 or 9 people (it was hard to count), a crazy range of instruments from a susaphone (sp?) to trumpets, an accordion to ukuleles, and an adorable, baby-faced lead singer with a voice decades beyond his age. the eastern european influence gives the music a gypsy, bohemian soul that is just fantastic. you really must check them out. anyway.

long story short, i didn't get home until 1:15 am. i had thought it was about an hour earlier, but i was thankful i hadn't drank anything. well, anything but a diet coke, which then kept me up for then next hour. what i am trying to spit out is that i was rather tired this morning. there, said it. sorry about that.

in addition to the tired, it was raining. legitimately raining - not sprinkling, not down-pouring, but most definitely a good, solid rain going. ~grumble~. doesn't matter what the weather is - too cold? too bad. too hot? still gotta run. raining? you're not going to melt, practice is ON. the only time that practice gets canceled is if it's a) thunderstorms b) too icy. i'm going to guess that b is not going to come up for a while.

it wasn't cold, but i was not looking forward to getting soaked, least of all my sneakers. i really despise wet-sneaker-feet. ick. i hopped on the train, ate a snack and chugged some water. i got off the train, the rain had gotten a little stronger, and by the time i got to the park, i was wet enough to be a little grumpy about it. it was the first raindrop that i could feel through my sneakers. that was the one that really made me annoyed.

i hung out with handsome until we began - charlotte was missing (i found out later she had train troubles), and my phone was bundled with handsome's in a heavy garbage bag, so i assumed that i was on my own. we left to ramon yelling "no iFREAKINGpods!!!!" (he wants us to be social during the runs) and headed north. the rain had stopped and now it was a perfect temperature for running. us beginners did 4 miles today - up the ease side to 102, cut west, and then back down to 72nd. the intermediates were doing the full loop - 6 miles, and i was tempted, but kept hearing voices tell me not to over-train, and i figured it best to keep to the schedule.

i ran with dragan (yes, real name, not a nickname), handsome & charlotte's mentor, until 102 and then the rest of the way on my own. today was the first day that i did not stop to walk at all. ~huge grin~ i felt really strong, and i think i made good time (although saturdays are not about speed - they are about spending time with running, building endurance and getting used to it physically and mentally). i'm pretty happy about it, and i realized when i was updating this morning, that in the last two weeks i have run over 30 miles!! that's a little crazy, dontcha think?

and now after a nice brunch with some of my teammates, i'm headed for a pedicure with charlotte. my feet deserve a little pampering.

today's mileage: 4.0
total mileage: 33.45

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