Friday, August 04, 2006


last night i had a strange dream. i woke up from the dream even more strangely.

nyc is hot. and supposedly it got cooler last night, but my apartment missed the memo. my ac isn't exactly the strongest, and despite the addition of a pretty great fan to the cooling system it's still very hard to sleep in the heat.

i finally fell asleep well past 1. i always have dreams, and they're pretty vivid. this one was about running a marathon. I had decided to try to run a marathon after training only one month. the marathon was around a 1/4-mile indoor track. It was miserable. i was walking, not even running, and everyone was literally running circles around me (some runners were going the opposite direction - you know how it is in dreamworld.) while i did have a cute running outfit, i was really upset and stressed, worried about everyone that was counting on me to finish. how would i tell everyone i couldn't finish? somehow, i began to jog. after a few laps around the track, i still felt okay and just kept on going. i sped up a little and soon I had completed 2 miles. hmmm. it wasn't so bad. i didn't have to be so worried, i just had to keep my own pace and everything would be -------

OOOOOOOOOWE. charley-horse! a real one. i mean i think it was a charley-horse. whatever it's officially called, my left calf was a rock-hard knot of pain and agony. yes, agony. i thumped it with my fist and after a few minutes of abuse, the muscle released and i was left wide awake to worry about whether or not the whole thing meant anything.

obviously i'm a little stressed about the marathon - who wouldn't be? you'd have to be out of your mind or a professional athlete not to be tense. but then when i was feeling wake up to a big nasty cramp? that's just weird.

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