Tuesday, August 29, 2006

greetings from dc

i'm in dc on client meetings today and tomorrow, which is interfering with my running schedule...but c'est la vie. i am planning on getting up really early tomorrow and running at the mall before my meetings which should be highly inspiring. i'm going to try to bring my camera, but we'll have to see.

i've raised over a $1,000 in the last day which is AMAZING - thank you so much :). i'm really touched and proud and quite frankly...a little overwhelmed. the other great thing is that once i hit $3800, 100% of all donations go to the mission of the society (right now the ration is 74% which is still great, but there are administrative expenses). and now thanks to your generosity, I'm less than $400 away.

ps if you stay at one of the kimpton hotels in dc, which have great green policies, like discounts on parking for for driving a hybrid, you get to wear one of their sassy leopard print robes. if your lucky i'll include a picture on my next post. ~mroaw~


avisualperson said...

ahem . . . I picked a four-leaf clover this morning and won $1000 each week for the rest of my life. I think I'm feeling lucky today.

roxie said...

wowy, you're super lucky! yeah, i've since thought the better of posting a photo. although, maybe i could use said photo as a fundraising incentive...hmm...