Wednesday, August 23, 2006

the red sox challenge

i [heart] my friend handsome. i really do. this is why: (a sample from his fundraising letter)

I’d also like to add that Jen’s friend Steve was a big Red Sox fan, just like Jen is. As you all know, I have been a Yankees fan all of my life, which has lead to some fun ribbing back and forth with Jen over the past few years. It’s just too bad 2004 ended in a strike before the playoffs could begin…that’s how I remember it anyway. The point is, as painful as it is to continue to surround myself with Boston fans, I figured that with Steve’s devotion to all things Sox I would make things a little more interesting for myself. My fundraising goal is $3800.00, however, if I don't raise at least $4500.00 I will run the entire 26.2 miles on race day with the Boston Red Sox logo proudly displayed on my personage. I’m not sure if this will take the form of a hat, a headband or just a logo painted on my arm, but if I can't raise the dough, I will brand myself a traitor to the Evil Empire for one day only and declare myself a part of Red Sox Nation.

i just think that is the best.

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