Thursday, August 17, 2006

good morning sunshine

i thought i was out and about early on saturday. today was early. i met my sister outside of her apartment and we headed over to the east river.

it was gorgeous out. a nice breeze, bright sunshine. one of those mornings that you love being in new york.

the east river park is not as polished as its west-side cousin, but i prefer it. it's less crowded, there are more trees, and the half-finished construction lends it an air of authenticity. you know you're in a city and you know you're in new york. i wasn't sorry to be up.

i wasn't nearly as sore as i thought i was going to be, so i was in a good spot. it was fun running with kristin; we haven't seen much of each other this week, and conversation helps keep your running at a good pace. aside from almost being run-over by a bull-dozer, the run was uneventful and we made it through the 3.15 relatively easily.

i am supposed to cross-train tomorrow, but our office is closed and two of the girls and i are going to the beach, and then to our summer party, so i think i am going to try to hit a "yoga for runners" workshop that my friend is putting on tonight! if not i think maybe a movie or something low-key...i'm pretty tired!

until manana...

today's milage: 3.15
total milage: 14.09


Luthy said...

WOW! Thats awsome that you run so much. you must get a great workout! <3 Totally jelous!

roxie said...

it's all thanks to team in training. before this i did not run at all!