Wednesday, August 16, 2006

come run with me

tonight's our first training where we'll look at technique and do some drills instead of just going out to run. i've got me brand spanking new trainers, and if the running gods are kind, hopefully they won't give me blisters. if they do, they're going back.

i'm pretty happy with the way fundraising is going, and the 2nd wave of e-mails will go out today. that batch was a little harder to write, it's the one going to people that knew bouv and i must have written 15 or so drafts before i was happy with it. i also had big bouv read it, and he liked it, and that made me happy.

OH. i've been meaning to mention, that anyone that is in nyc is secretly getting the itch to start running and you don't know how to scratch it, you can come to practice with me until the end of the month without having to sign up. come on, you know you want to. tonight we meet at 6:45, on the upper east, and saturday we're meeting at riverside park at 8:30. if you're interested at all, e-mail me and i can tell you the details. believe me, if i can do it, you can too.

i leave you with an exerpt from an e-mail from ramon - head coach.

As a mentioned during info meetings, wednesdays are the days that
we'll work on technique, form, effort levels, pacing, hills…etc…
During the early phase of the training we are going to work
on `building proper running form, on endurance and efficiency',
this will take 6-7 weeks. Basically we'll work on proper running
form, upperbody and lowerbody awareness and at the same time we
will develop and strengthen our running muscles. During this early
phase we will also start learning about effort levels.

During the first couple weeks we'll work on UPPERBODY form, How to
swing the arms, how high/low, rotation of the shoulder, placement
of the elbows..etc..

of the reservoir, that's 3.14 miles.....

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