Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cautious or wimpy?

so i got up really early today to go for a run...and was not all that successful. my left calf muscle was aching about two minutes into it, which made me feel like i was favoring my right leg. i stopped and stretched it out (when its warm out, you only stretch after, you don't have to stretch to warm-up), and tried to keep going. m street to connecticut to 17th i still felt hard as a rock. so when i got to the mall, i stopped and walked back.


the walk felt good after a while, but it's the first time i hurt in a way that doesn't feel like good-exercise-sort-of-hurt. i guess it could have been walking around in heels maybe yesterday, but you would think that after two days of rest, that wouldn't happen. depending on what train we catch, i'm going to try to get to the gym or at least try again tonight back home. i'll be upset if i don't do anything today. see you back in nyc.

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