Sunday, August 13, 2006

day 2: more miles and another possible recruit

today was a good test. today i tested how it was to run with a little less sleep (6 hours) and side effects of the previous day's run. i had sent demps an e-mail to call me in the morning if he was going to run, and just after i rolled awake on my own at 8, my phone started buzzing and sure enough, it was time to run.

when i crawled out of bed, the pain i wasn't feeling yesterday was there in full force. one would think the pain would be confined to the legs, but not so. the aches greeted me in my back and my ribs as well as in various muscles that in my legs that i didn't know existed. not having a fanny pack (my vanity grimaces at the thought of even looking to buy one, but i haven't thought of another way around it) i was going to have to carry my keys and off i was up to the park.

the train was arriving just as i went through the turnstile and "owe"-d my way down the stairs.

it was another gorgeous day at the park, and after a little stretching we were off. we ran the first day together and then demps took up his own pace and i kept up my slow and steady on my own for then next loop. i grabbed some water, and walked a few lightpoles worth and then kept going, finishing my next 3.4 miles. yeaaaaaah. big smiles all around.

later on, i went to a bbq at a friend's in park slope and we spend the day having brunch, drinking perseco and working on the ny times crossword puzzle. my friend drew came by (he just moved down the block a few weeks ago so i wanted to introduce him to the crew). drew's a good friend of mine from college, and had just sent me an email yesterday volunteering to train with me. i didn't know if he meant just run with me or actually do the marathon, but needless to say, by the end of our conversation, drew's going to try out a few practices! he's been thinking about doing something for charity on an individual level anyway, so when i started talking about the marathon, he started thinking about it.

so i'm pretty freaking ecstatic that i might have gotten yet another person into the marathon - that would mean that i was at least a little responsible for (between the three of us) over $10,000 going to the society. not to mention that its going to be fun and reassuring to have three great friends with me during this crazy journey.

7.8 miles trained to-date.

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