Thursday, August 24, 2006

a grumpy post.

from the moment my alarm blared at me...i knew the day was going to be a little off. you know, one of those days when as soon as you wake up, something is not quite right.

even though i took it easy at the mets game, i was still really tired. it was, after all 6:15, but i just couldn't shake off the sleepiness. i started getting ready and my phone buzzed - my sister wasn't feeling well and so wouldn't be joining me on the run. drat. no sister. no music. very tired. and sore from the previous day's run. today's run would be a test of will power.

the sky was grey, rain threatening - a gloomy morning entirely. a light drizzle, which i might have welcomed other days, only served to make me more cranky. i made my way over to the east river and followed the typical route south. pacing was the hardest part. i couldn't tell if i was going to slow or too fast - i sang quietly to myself to try to keep myself from speeding along to get it all over with. my left knee ached a little and i got scared that i ran too far the day before. i had intended to run down to the manhattan and back, but called it a little earlier at clinton street - the turn-around spot of our first few eastriver runs.

i pushed through and at the end of it was glad that i did. because it wasn't easy, i was grudgingly proud of myself. i decided to stretch at home so i could see how much time the run took (i don't have a watch yet), and it looked like i was running a 14 minute mile, which dissipated my proudness and made me slightly depressed.

i know every day is not going to be easy. and i can't get too hard on myself so early on. i should be pretty happy that i got up at all to run and that i ran over 3 miles despite my poor start. but [grumble] i want to do well ALL the time.

i'll get over it. tomorrow is a day off from running and work, i'll recoup both physically and attitudinally. promise.

today's mileage: 3.43
total mileage; 29.45

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