Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i'm back!

i'm blaming my hiatus on running burn out, writers block and spring fever. but i'm going to make a concerted effort to finish up my marathon blogging over the course of this week.

what's up with me? well, the last 2+ weeks i've been in boot camp. not the army boot camp, workout boot camp. and let me tell you - it is hard.

first off its at 6am. yeah. exactly! secondly, it's three days a week. this isn't doing wonders for my social life and i am perpetually tired, but work out wise - it is torturous fun! we do some running but its definitely just a part of the work out. there are lots of sit ups, push ups and these terrible things called a burpee. we sprint up and down stairs and hills, perform crazy amount of lunges, and generally get our asses kicked. we even got "punished" army-style last week when two slackers weren't working as hard as the rest of us. darren, the instructor, paced in front of us as we held push-up position for a good two minutes, lecturing us on what happens when there people not putting the effort in. darren, you need lecture no more!

my excellent partner and crime and i help each other along the way with sarcastic remarks under our breaths and check ins when one or the other is looking particularly beaten down. we are in week 3, and i will probably blog some of the more...interesting (read horrible) work outs.

other than that, i've been busy at work and running around the city with the swede. the two of us are pretty social creatures and it seems the calendar will be pretty booked all summer.

oh, and a plug for that man of mine. while you're waiting for me to get my lagging posts up do check out my boy's new blog http://buck64aday.blogspot.com. you know those stimulus checks we've all been getting? well, if you divide that $600 by 365 (as in days in the year) you get, you guessed it, a buck64 a day. he's going to stimulate the economy a day at a time, blogging about all his purchases along the way. even with his meager budget, he manages to get me some gifties. he's even gotten on the news. i would think it was a brilliant idea even if i wasn't smitten so give the man some traffic and if you like it, spread the word.

new running related posts soon. promise.