Sunday, January 25, 2009

i've got the bug.

it's back. the running bug. and it's a terrible terrible time of year for it.


cause it's damn damn cold in ny right now. i see people running out there and i think "they must be in training, because no one is doing that for fun!", but not so, my friends. there are people out there just loving the running.

coupled with the running bug is, as it tends to with me when it comes to running, is a healthy dose of fear. "fear?" you ask. "but you're not even training for anything yet!"

and you're right. i'm not. but i will be training for the new york city marathon this year, and even though it is months and months away (November), it requires probably one of the only things scarier (for me) than training for a marathon in the first place:

training for a marathon in the middle of a disgustingly hot and humid nyc summer.

this scares the crap out of me. really it does. especially since i'm not a strong runner to begin with. in the summer my activities tend to take place in the coolness of an air conditioned gym, or i ride my bike which at least can provide a false sense of coolness as the air swoops over your face. the idea of doing hill repeats on one of those horrible, muggy nights where the pavement has been soaking in the blistering heat all day and not even the dark cools it off...even thought i'm *cold* right now, i shudder more at the idea of that heat.

so, to prepare for the beginning of training in may, i need to start the running now. because to be starting from scratch in the beginning of summer's glow...well that's a thought i simply can't bare. so i'm lucky the bug has hit now - between the running bug and that healthy dose of fear, i'm bound to pick myself up out of the winter lazies and get myself to the park.

and to reinforce the "need" to run, i just registered for my first race - the "snowflake" race in prospect park. done and done. see you out at the loop.