Tuesday, August 22, 2006

almost to the 1/2 way mark

another day off from running, but today we were supposed to cross-train (aka almost anything but running). i chose a spin class, something i used to go to regularly but even pre-marathon hadn't done in months.

i tend to get into routines when i go to the gym, and don't really mix up the kind of exercise i do. so it was really cool to see how much the running benefited the spinning - my legs felt really strong. i didn't go too crazy because i wanted to be easy on my knees and sometimes all the jumps get to me, but it was still one of those insane sweat-inducing spin classes i love.

as you can see on the right...i've passed the $2000 mark! [visual: VERY large grin!] i found out I'm in 5th place (in fundraising) for everyone running Arizona (i assume that is the nyc chapter). can I get to number 1? maybe with your help (hint hint). we've got time, oh yes, we do.

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