Sunday, August 20, 2006

red-exercise face

until i get used to any sort of work-out routine, especially if it's strenuous, something happens to me that i call "red-exercise face". red-exercise face isn't pretty. it's a face that i'm pretty sure only a mother could love. the first time i experienced my overly-powerful facial blood vessels was not, in fact, when exercising, but i think in jr. high school when someone teased me about liking some boy or another. i could feel the heat rise and there was no hiding the deepness of that blush. it's not subtle. so you take that color, add some some purple and there you have it. red-exercise face. my sister gets it too. i wonder which of my parents is responsible for that gene...

anyway, my sister and i went for a run this morning on the east river and it was not quite as nice. this was because we slept in. by slept in i mean we were out running by 10, which is good for a sunday in general, but since it's sticky, bad considering the weather. we ran the same route we had on thursday, but it was definitely harder with the heat and humidity.

we were pretty exhausted when we got back - we sprinted the last two blocks (from avenue d to b) partially to catch walk signs and partially to get them over with. it felt good. it's so sad, but i can not remember the last time i full-out (excuse the expression but it really does work best) hauled ass with my own two feet. we were dripping with sweat and kind of lightheaded but luckily there was one of those little community gardens near my sisters, complete with shade, a weeping willow, benches to use for balance and a wind-chime. between the dizziness and the surroundings, we had with a few steps, stepped into another world. we stretched out for a good 20 minutes, and then it was off to our respective apartments to shower. we both had a nice case of red-exercise face, and i for some reason. usually sweat more just after i'm done running then while i actually am. you can easily imagine that i was not a pretty sight.

i begin the short walk home, red-faced, wearing my (as my sister calls it) sporty-spice outfit, which consists of: my glowingly-white new sneakers; adidas running shorts; sporty grey tank top with white piping; a white athletic headband barely containing my unruly bangs; and a wild pony-tail mounted high on the top of my head. my sister has seen three variations of this outfit so far, and still hasn't been able to suppress giggles because it is so not me.

because whomever runs the universe has a great sense of humor, i have to run into someone i know. i notice my friend k, who always looks fantastic, sitting at a little outdoor cafe. when i realize this, i know it's only a matter of time before she sees me so i give in and wave. weakly. she runs over to hug me but i warn her off with a stopinthenameoflove palm and a "don't hug me i'm sweaty!" she takes one look at my outfit and exclaims "roxie! i've never seen you like this!" "i know i know, the outfit - it's completely ridiculous." we both look at me again and burst out laughing.

after a little small talk, we decide it's best for me to go take a shower. i'm glad it was k i ran into - her laughter is contagious, and if you can't laugh at yourself, well, what fun is that?

the rest of the day so far has been good sisterly time - brunch, playing with some make-up in sephora, and perusing tattoo designs at ny adorned (don't worry mom & dad, i'm still just shopping). this is going to be a busy week - my clients are in from scotland so i'm going to miss wed. practice but i'm going to hopefully be able to get an alternate work out to do in the morning or a different day. but i may be a little slow on the posting...depending on how much whisky is consumed!

oh, REMINDER! anyone that has donated money but has not sent me a song name, please do! my marathon mix is looking a little short, especially considering how many of you have been so generous! thank you again to everyone that has donated - i can't believe i'm so close to $1500 already. thanks for believing in me.

today's mileage:3.14
total mileage: 21.44

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