Thursday, August 10, 2006

august schedule

today i took a day off work and went to the beach (it was lovely thank you very much), and came back to find the august training schedule.

here it is!

it doesn't look too terrible. in fact, it makes me think how the hell am i going to get up to 26 miles if we're only running a few for the rest of the month. i am going to have to trust my coaches and know that they have way more experience than i do in this.

And just to give you a taste of how ramon is (i called him raoul yesterday, sorry ramon), here is an exerpt about our training from our welcome email. enjoy.

Wednesdays we’ll always meet at 6:45 pm, and we’ll work on specifics: form, breathing, upperbody, hills, strides, etc..etc… Wednesdays workout usually last between 45-1:15 hrs depending on the workout and your fitness level.
Saturdays we meet at 8:30 am, in both Central Park and Prospect Park, on these days we work just on building that ‘long run’ gradually increasing the amount of time and distance that we spend on our feet. Sessions will last about 45 min the first week, to about .....hmmmmmmmmmm a 'freaking long time' 3 weeks before your event. ..he,he,

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