Monday, August 07, 2006

the kindness of friends and strangers

i definitely have two friends in the marathon - yeah!! give a warm welcome to "handsome" and "charlotte", two training buddies you'll be sure to hearing more about. i've given them blog-names just in case they didn't want to be as public as me! h&c, i'm ecstatic that you're in this with me - as my mother will be too! in fact she might be even happier than i am. she was a little nervous, i think, about me taking this on by myself. but now i not only have all my emotional and financial supporters...i'll have two pals in the flesh limp- i mean running beside me.

also a shout out to aaron, who i haven't met yet, but who i will soon! in the crazy 6-degrees that is nyc, he is a boston-friend of my friend kelly (first person to donate over there on the side-bar). a while back, we figured out that we had mutual friends - steve and his older brother mike (aka "big bouv"). after i told her about what i was going to do, she went ahead and sent an e-mail of her own to some of her boston-peeps letting them know about the marathon and who i was running for.

i haven't officially started fundraising yet so when i saw a little donation e-mail pop up in my inbox and it was from someone i didn't even made me smile kindness of a stranger.

thanks again aaron.

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