Monday, October 02, 2006

she returns...

i landed tonight around 8:30 after a mostly uneventful flight. they went with the "big finish" - the false approach. apparently there was only 1 run way open and the little plane in front of us was a little too close...and so sharply back up we went.

anyway, hi! did you miss me?

i love vacation, it was spendid, but i'm glad to be back. i confess right now i didn't get to another run, but i swear, there was not one day that we did not walk for 2-3 hours, so at least i put some milage on my feet! i don't know if it was that or a bad sleep on the plane on the way over, but i really felt stiff and creek-y most of the time i was there and no amound of stretching would loosen me up. i'm ready for a yoga class tomorrow and then...bring on the hills wednesday! i'm a little frightened of the jet lag, but i'm sure i'll be a.o.k. the strangest thing is that i miss the running! who would have thought not only i wouldn't hate it, but that i'd miss it...

i haven't had a chance to go through all my e-mails, but i think i've passed the $6k mark! update on that tomorrow!

new york, it's good to be home.

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