Tuesday, October 03, 2006

off-topic: i need a home

the countdown has begun! i have about 18 days to find a place to live, so once again, i'm asking for your help!

i'm looking for:

option 1: flying solo (aka the needle in the haystack)

•studio or 1 bedroom
•downtown, preferably east side, or park slope, carroll gardens, s. williamsburg
•less than $1300 a month

option 2: co-habitation

•share with just 1 other person (exceptions here are if there are 2 bathrooms shared between 3 people)
•male, female, all races, sizes, colors, etc. so long as he/she is relatively clean (no creepy-crawlies are desired but no white-glove tests are either), displays common sense as far as living with another person and would make a good roommate. what do i mean? i mean: no unplanned parties at 3 am; know how to share (i do AND i bake cookies); have a life of their own but would like to cook/grab a beer/watch movies or bad tv together every once in a while; wouldn't eat the last bowl of my cereal without replacing it; doesn't hijack the bathroom; friends crashing on the couch are okay sometimes, "third roommates" are not unless they're helping with the rent; is laid back but not a slug. apartments with pianos, outdoors spaces, and real kitchens get mega bonus points
•downtown, preferably east side, or park slope, carroll gardens, s. williamsburg
•+/-1100 a month (higher end in manhattan, lower end in brooklyn)

if you have any leads or know anyone that needs a roommate, please e-mail me at girlyoubetterrun@gmail.com. your help is much appreciated! i don't think my breathing is going to be very relaxed until i find a place so consider it yet another contribution to my training!!

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