Wednesday, October 18, 2006

a successful bone marow donor drive

on monday, we hosted a bone marrow donor drive on behalf of grace's husband.

on sunday after the 1/2 marathon, i decided to fulfill my promise of homemade cookies and baked about 120. just call me betty-freaking-crocker. or totally crazy. in retrospect, i think running back and forth from the couch to the oven actually prevented me from some uncomfortable stiffness. by some miracle i was not as sore as i suspected.

despite the funny face in this photo, the nurse rocked and it was by far the least painful blood drawing i've ever had. note the cool pillow we designed as a promo item for our new advertising-meets-karma website, the pillow and the site are pretty cool.

all the green teamers that were eligible to participate did, making for a very successful drive. my concept for a shot of everyone's band-aid all together however was just "eh". :) we also had some friends and a few people from team in training, which was great.

hills tonight, straight attack and recovery. i'm hoping the skies keep clear. i'm also nervous as hell because each practice starts off as a mission moment - someone gets up and speaks about why they are participating. tonight i'm going to talk about steve, and am pretty sure i'm gonna cry.

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