Wednesday, October 11, 2006

cresting the hill

hill training continues tonight.

i am a crazy mad woman between running and working and acting and moving! hopefully this work out will give a good vent to all the stress.

we got our recommitment paperwork monday...people that haven't reached their minimum have to commit with a credit card that they'll reach the goal by travel date and also, if they haven't raised 25% of the minimum, they have to "recommit" by putting the difference down themselves. this assures LLS that they're not making travel arrangements for people that aren't serious. thanks to you guys, i don't have to worry about that...just the commitment to my training.

this is feeling very very *real*! travel arrangements, tickets for pasta dinners - we're only a little over 3 months away! when i start thinking too much about it, i start getting a little freaked out so, i'm going to just continue to take it week by week, and do my best.

and now, a sneak preview of today's hill training courtesy of ramon:

The course: We are going back to Cat Hill. THIS TIME the Hill goes from traffic light at Boathouse to CLEOPATRA'S NEEDLE, that's the obeliscus about 200 mts after the top of the hill (behind Metropolitan museum), lamppost E8201.

From East 90th, we are going to head south to East 73rd street to the traffic light at bottom of cathill (a coach will be there) turn around and start the workout. (please run on the left side going up, and on the left side coming down) A coach will mark the turn around.

Same as you've been doing lately, we put the effort going up, we recover easy coming back to bottom of hill. We are running Boathouse to Needle, Needle to Boathouse, repeat, repeat and repeat again until the coaches say Suficiente, Basta or Te puedes ir a casa ! (so you better practice your spanish if you don't want to stay there forever!!!) he,he,he...silly coach !

We are working on "Cresting the hill' !! soooo...the following is recommended and mandatory…We will break distance of the pick-up in 2 parts. First part is uphill, 2nd it's flat. The goal it's running up the hill without wasting energy, once at the TOP concentrate on keeping the same effort (note that I say effort and no speed, very different!!) during the flat part, this should translate into faster pace for the second part.

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