Monday, October 30, 2006

it's official.

so today i did all sorts of official marathon arranging.

i filled out my recommittment forms. these are more for people that haven't raised their minimum yet (which i have). they basically state that you are committed to raising the fundraising minimum and if you haven't made 25% yet, you put down a deposit of that amount. thank you for seeing to it that i would not have to do that! :)

i had to buy tickets for the post-marathon celebration, fill out the official marathon paperwork and choose roommates (charlotte's going to be my roommate of course). i'm officially in.

i also booked my plane ticket. we leave the friday before the marathon on the 14th, and i'm going to stay for an extra 5 days or so. i'm so excited - grand canyon and some other arizona/new mexico activities. i cannot wait for the road trip!

envision: a car, ribbons of highway, drivin' tunes, my cameras, painted desert, wide open spaces...the perfect marathon reward.

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