Wednesday, October 25, 2006

hills hills and more hills

week 5 of hill training. and i don't know how i'll feel tomorrow but i'm feeling preeeeetty good.

it was the first cold practice tonight, and i'm not quite equipped for it. i have a long sleeved shirt, but i need some pants. i always change at work, and so when i was heading down my favorite street to get on the train, some typical canal-street-idiot was like "look, that girl's legs are out!" time to get some windpants. not to mention, the legs are not quite glowingly white at this point...but they are getting there.

tonight we ran up and down the hill on the east side of the park from 102nd street to 104th street. apparently, some people are not taking it easy enough on the downhills, which can absolutely be harder on your body than the uphills even though it doesn't feel so. because ramon wanted to make sure that we understand, we were going to run downhill hard, and "recover" on the uphill. "recover" is in quotes, because it was a decent hill and you can't quite recover on a hill like that, no matter how slowly you run. basically this is supposed to make us really sore tomorrow. i can't wait.

charlotte got out of work late and i was chatting with handsome so we ran a bit together. i did 7 round trips, and i think that was about .25 each miles. then the warm up and running back down is another 1.5 miles, so another 5 mile work out. and we did it fast - we were done with practice by 7:45 which was great.

i'm going to try to run tomorrow morning, but if it's cold/dark, i'll go to the park after work. i'm back on the bike, which cuts down the commute time from a 40 minute walk to a 15 minute (tops) ride, so I can leave later. sorry i've been so quiet, but i promise that things are going to slow down very soon.

today's mileage: 5.0
total mileage: 144.1

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