Wednesday, October 11, 2006

with the sad comes the good

i just got sad news from my mom that her cousin passed away today from breast cancer.

i was closer to linda when i was younger...her sister was my dance teacher for years. she was a constant presence at recitals. not the most delicate woman, she smoked a lot and it gave her a bit of a gruff voice, she could appear a bit scary to a kid, but underneath she was really a sweetheart. my mom's cousins were more like sisters to her when they were growing up (her dad and their mom were twins), and she and my nonna are really sad. so today, i'm going to run for linda and her sisters sandra & melanie, and my mom, and nonna and her family.

i'm happy that i'm helping in the small ways that i can. and so i'm really glad that we've confirmed the bone marrow donation at my office, Green Team Monday, October 16th, from 11am - 3pm. i know this can seem scary, i'm with you. but the chance to potentially save someone's life seems worth the risk. and you can always change your mind.

Green Team
9 Desbrosses Street, Suite 312 (between Hudson & Greenwich)
Desbrosses Street is 1 block south of Canal

Subway: 1 or A/C/E to Canal Street
When you get off the train walk west on Canal until you reach Hudson (You'll see the entrance of the Holland Tunnel and the Hudson Cafe.) Take a left on Hudson, and Desbrosses Street is the first street on your right, it begins on Hudson. #9 is on the south side of the street.

Taxi: Best bet is to be dropped off at Canal and Hudson and follow directions above.

as a thank you, we'll be provided pizza for lunch and i will be making cookies. and believe me, i make a mean cookie. so please please! come by if you can and pass this along!!

RSVP to so i bake enough batches!

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