Thursday, October 05, 2006

the first hill training

i was totally a bundle of nerves by the time i got up to training yesterday. i was stressed because of work, looking for a place to live and general rush-hour madness. oh, i was late too. i hate being late. and i forgot my socks. and i felt like the tin man, the not-well-oiled tin man. i was, in a word or two, a mess.

warm-up was a mile around the res. to the west side and then...hill drills. basically one length, was recovery. on the way back, the downhill you would run Effort 2.5 on the downhill, and then when you got to Ramon, you would push it to E4 or better up the hill. ouch.

it was definitely one of those days that effort did not equal speed. i felt uncoordinated, clunky, out of practice, winded and generally nauseous. but i made it through the damn thing and then we ran back to the start. i wasn't as sore as i though, and the hip is feelin a.o.k. this morning, so i feel like i can get back into the swing of things! note that the mileage below is approximated! i'll cross-train at home tonight with squats and things, and then tomorrow morning run.

yesterday's mileage:3.0
total mileage: 99.0

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