Wednesday, October 11, 2006

i am one of the crazy ones

and proud of it. here's what our coach had to say about us...

Those are the names of the hardcore runners of the Team !! Everybody above mentioned gets an A++++ for comittment and dedication to training ! I can tell you right now that you WILL cross the finish line of your event, It is the kind of comittment you showed during today's workout that will get you there !!You have impressed the coaches ! My hat off to you !!
The names above also represent the Crazy ones of the Team ! And also those are the names of the people I'm hating right now as I in the train going home all freaking wet !!! he,he,he

honestly, it wasn't as hard running in the rain as getting to the practice.

as per the usual the commute made me super cranky. what i thought was a good idea of wearing my knee-boots with my shorts so my sneakers didn't get all wet, actually was not since the men of canal street seemed to think the pairing was hot. oh and it was raining. i tried to put on my "do i look like i want to be cat called?"-face but you can imagine how well that worked. oh and i didn't have an umbrella or appropriate rain gear (as usual). and when the commute starts continues that way...the "express" wasn't going as fast as the local, some gross man decided he wanted to stand right in front of me with his hands on the top bar, with his belly practically in my face, and it smelled. i refrained from yelling/gesturing at anyone until i was on the upper east side when a d-bag rode by on his bike and made kissing sounds at me. i'm sorry, but he got (and deserved) the finger. when will i turn into a proper lady?

practice was in the raaaaaain and we ran up and down a long hill. it was not terrible, but not grand either. oh and i had heartburn. not a big deal but i seem to get it a lot lately. am i 30 or 60, sheesh. when i wanted to complain, i thought of linda, and my mom, and family. i think that i can push myself a little more, but i've been a little hesitant because of injuries and such. i'm happy that ramon says we will cross the finish line, but i want to feel even stronger than i do today...

today's mileage: 2.0*
total mileage: 111.0*

*=guestimated - hilly/rainy run. unknown milage and lost track of how many hills.

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