Saturday, October 14, 2006

exactly 3 months...

until the marathon! wow, it's crazy when I think about it like that.

in a lot of ways, i feel much more capable and experienced than when i started running a few (um, 2) months ago. in others, i still feel like a baby runner without the *right* to think that i could possibly be attempting a marathon. i try to ignore those feelings and go with the good times, but some days are harder than others.

today is kind of one of those days. i'm going to be running around getting stuff ready for the 1/2 marathon tomorrow, which i'm also petrified of. i figure if i can do it in less than 3 i'm doing okay. if not, we have some...i don't know what to do.

this is what i'm going to be doing today...
•picking up my number at new york road runners
•going to super runners world to get:
-a long sleeved dri-fit shirt (it's supposed to be cold)
-body glide (runners lube)
-a hat
-new socks
-maybe new shorts or possibly runners tights although i don't really like those
-maybe (i really don't like this one) a fanny pack*
•working on my running mix for the ipod

*i want you to know the ONLY reason i am entertaining the notion of running with a fanny pack is so I can bring my camera. what will win need to take photographs or my contempt of the fanny pack. only time will tell.

ps. i'm losing my first toe nail. surely that means i'm a real runner, right!

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