Thursday, October 12, 2006

talking back

unlike when we were little (or i should say younger. some of us are still little talk-backers), talking back is no longer a bad things.

and i've been meaning to encourage you guys to let me know what you think of all this via blogger's lovely commenting system.

you don't have to, i'm just sayin' that your thoughts are totally welcome. if there are questions you have about my training, things you want to know more about, your reactions, etc., i'm interested in what you think. talking is important, you know?

that's all on that front. no pressure but i did want to let you know my door is open.

okay SO we just got ramon's e-mail about the 1/2 marathon, and i confess i am SCARED. NERVOUS. and a little nauseous. 13.1 miles! am i ready? i don't feel ready. damn it, i'm going to do my best but...eeeeek. here's a not-so-little exerpt.


-Today don't run at all, stretch,
-Friday go for a 2-3 miles easy run.
-Saturday either take off, or run 1-2 miles easy
-Starting today concentrate in nutrition and hydration. Drink plenty of liquid, you can add a sports drink per day, or add a little extra salt to your meals. Starting today 60-65% of your calories should come from carbohydrates. You don't need to eat more, just make sure most calories come from carbs.
-Sunday morning you should be done with breakfast by 7:30-45 am (at most you can havesomething light at 7:30 am). Continue to hydrate up to 8:00 am. After that make sure you get raid of the excess of fluids (aka go to the bathroom). 5-10 mins before the start have your last 6-8 oz of liquids.


Well, well, well !
This is a pretty important event specially for those that are shooting for a time in their marathon.The course is mostly flat, a bit of incline eary on, and a decent hill about mile 10, but nothing you should be afraid of, you are all uphill running machines by now, right ??.

First thing I want you to keep in mind is that we are not using this race to run our fastest half marathon ever at any cost, not at all! While most of you will run your fastest marathon (for most of you, it'll be your first half marathon, YEPPIII !!!) The goal of this event should be to race it SMARTLY !! It's better to finish the event knowing that you could have run faster, than Bonking at mile 8 or 9.

The event is going to be crowded, and the start is a little narrow, if you are racing and are planning on running under 7 minute mile place yourself in the front 10 rows, if you are planning on running around 8:00 per mile or slower start close to the Pace per mile marker (those blue signs on the side at the starting line) 1 minutes faster (eg..if you are planning running 10 mpm, start closer to the 9)

Keep in mind that over 85% of the people will start a little too fast, use the first 2-3 miles to get a feeling on how your body is feeling on that day and to get your pace as close as you can to what you are supposed to run. During the first 6 miles you should feel like you are holding back, if you don't I can guarantee you that you will probably slow down a bit in the later miles. Since the early miles are flat, it should be pretty easy to pace yourself properly, once you hit your pace just concentrate in keeping the same effort by focusing on your breathing. At mile 6-7 take a look at yourself, and if you are feeling good pick it up a bit, (about 10 seconds per mile), hold that pace up to mile 10, once you get there you can star racing by how you feel, if you are feeling good, go for it, If you are feeling like you are getting in trouble, you may want to hold back a bit or continue with the same effort. Once you get to `the hill' hold back, don't push the hill even if you are feeling good, wait until you get to the top, there is a good time/spot to make a move. From there you can go by how you feel. You feel good, go for it,You feel ok, maintain the effort, you feel awful, hold back !! simple !!!

simple. right. of course.~sigh~


Sean D. said...

Now that you mention it, I did want to comment a few posts back about the heartburn you get while running. I'm a runner myself and I had a tough time with acid reflux years ago. It got to the point where running was a pretty miserable experience. Have you tried taking anything? I started taking Prilosec daily (I think it's OTC now) and I haven't had a problem since.

Just thought it might help. Good luck with your training!

roxie said...

good thought! i have not taken anything, but i'll definitely see what's otc...and if it's bad, suck it up and go see a doctor.

thanks sean!