Saturday, October 14, 2006

purchasing confidence

what better way to make yourself feel better about something like this than to buy new equipment! check it out.

the photographer in me won out over the fanny-pack-hater. more as practice for the real marathon than needing to take pictures tomorrow. i suspect tomorrow i'm just going to want to get it over and done with and staten island isn't so picturesque anyway. but! our coaches keep telling us "NOTHING NEW ON RACE DAY" so i needed to practice with the damn thing now. hopefully the goos i bought won't explode on my camera.

i've decided on oatmeal for breakfast, with a banana. we'll see how that treats me, it seems like it will be least likely to induce heartburn, but i'm going to go buy some tums just in case. my sis is coming out for pasta with me in a little bit, and then i'm going to soberly attend a good friend's b-day, then i need to get in bed early. i can't decide if i should get on the 7:30 or the 8:30 ferry, but regardless i have to be finished with breakfast by 7:30. then there's the hydration strategy, do i ride my bike down there, what flavor goo should i eat first? so much to think about.

i don't often get freaked out, it's a very rare occurrence for my normally calm and collected self. so be patient, i'll stop being a spaz eventually.

oh, ferry's run every hour on the 1/2 hour if anyone is entertaining the notion of coming over. i think i probably won't get started until 9:45 or so (being at the back) and hopefully will be about 2.5 i should arrive at the finish around 12:15. wish me luck!