Friday, September 29, 2006

5000 m run (aka 3.5 miles) through the belgian woods

hello from belgium, the land of waffles and chocolates!

we're having a lovely time, and although i've only run once (my first attempt in amsterdam was unsuccessful, my hip extra achy from the plane ride), i am getting plenty of miles in on my feet at least.

we spent 4 days in amsterdam, taking in mostly cultural sites, then took the train to antwerp on wednesday evening. both of our hosts have been lovely - today renee took us to brugge - a quaint medieval city about an hour and half from here. aside from the walking about there and antwerp, our time in belgium has certainly been the vacation from the vacation. no hectic party vibe like amsterdam has...not that i'm complaining!

in any case, i managed to run yesterday at a park a little way down the road. the park is lined with color-coded trails so you know exactly how far you are running. i'm not sure if it's the jet lag or the new beds or all the walking but my body was still not feeling quite like my own, so i opted for 2 2500m laps. it was lovely once i got going and most of the creeks out even though my ipod had died on me. around a lake, through a grove, i tried not to trip over the roots weaving in and out of the was a fun run.

tomorrow we head back to amsterdam, and i think it would be wise to get up early and try to run before we go for our final few days - it's that or run early one morning in vondelpark.

yesterday's mileage: 3.5
total mileage: 96.0

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Demps said...

Glad you're having fun. We miss you though. And I'm going to ask you to do something bad when you get home. No, not dirty...just bad. Be safe...or as Ramon would say - behave!