Wednesday, September 06, 2006

and today's work out is...

here's another exerpt from ramon's hilarious e-mails, to make you laugh and also in case you were wondering what wednesday's practices are like.

hola !!

Big shout out to those that showed up to last saturday !! you are the few, the proud the crazy ones !!

Today you are going to be introduce you to EFFORT 2 (` E2' ) and EFFORT 3 (`E3'). Actually, you've already been running at E2, as that should be the pace that you usually run Your Easy (EZ) runs during your weekly runs (what?? You haven't done any EZ runs? Ohh…Ohh !! you better get you act together and start doing so……remember beginners should be running at least at total of 3 days, others 4-5 days) E2 is our easy, comfortable, conversational pace that comes natural to us, for some slow, for others slower, for others a little faster, but it's basically the pace/speed/effort that We don't need to think about, it just comes natural when going out for a run. On the other side, Effort level 3(E3) is a notch faster than E2, read again a Notch, as of :bit, llittle, poquito. About a 10-15% more effort than your EZ pace, your breathing gets a little be more elaborated, a little deeper, but always, always in control. If while runningE3 you breath hard of too often it means that you are running too fast.

This workout is not about how fast you can run, but to find that 10% increase in effort, NOTICE that I say Effort and Not `Speed'' two different things.

So, during the ON portion we will run E3 and during the OFF portion will run E2.

I know, I know too complicated, but……. I told you from the beginning my e-mails do take a while to unsdertand, don't worry by week 17 you'll be used to them, and then, it'll be time to run the marathon/half marathon… worries…As always, the coaches will go a little more on detail, and will be there to make sure you behave..We don't expect you to get it right the first day……(yet !!)

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