Friday, September 08, 2006

an unconventional match

when fundraising, work is always a good place to start. in my experience, the places i've worked have been very generous in donating in one way or another. of course i had planned on asking green team to contribute, but i hadn't figured out if i was going to ask for a match or a donation or what.

what they came to me with, however, was a great idea.

as many of you know, my co-worker (we'll call her grace)'s husband has recently been diagnosed with leukemia. prognosis is good, and he is undergoing treatment, and getting ready for bone marrow transplant. grace wanted to take her husband away to montauk for a weekend because he loves the beach and it would be a good place to relax and think and spend some time away from the city.

gt had a great idea - they would match any employee donations made to me, but put into a "beach fund" for grace and her husband.

i loved the idea because i wasn't really worrid about hitting my minimum fundraising requirement - i had faith in all of you guys! also, to be able to use what i'm doing to help someone allows me to help in both a "big" scale (depending on how much money i raise) and also in a more intimate, personal level. as for my fundraising, i was able to raise more money from the gt'ers because they wanted to support grace and her family as well as me. GTers raised over 1,000 for LLS - it was an amazing responce and a match well made.

more later - tonight a little run, and tomorrow...we race! i'm now "official" with ny road runners, and will be sure to take some pics in full racing gear.

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