Friday, September 22, 2006

a break for you and a break for me

i know you all are dying to know the implications of our fit tests. basically by using a formula we generally know how fast we should be running for our "EZ days" and our long run days. and, now a guest appearance by head coach ramon:

Figuring out your EZ pace: Get the time of the Slower of the FAST miles and I mean, to the second, and add 1:30 minutes to your faster mile pace, that gives you the 'average pace. Substract 15 seconds to that total, and you'll get you `lower end' and ADD 15 seconds to that total and you'll get you `top end' Eg. if you ran 8:09 , + 1:30 = 9:39 (aveg. pace). Then 9:39 – 15 = 9:24 (lower end). 9:39 + 15 = 9:54 (top end). When you run on your easy days, you should/must/advice you to/better/recommend Keep your pace within your lower end and your top end.

Long runs: This time get your Fastest mile time. Add, 2:00 to it to get your `Average pace' and add 2:30 to get your `starting pace'. EG. 8:10 + 2:00 = 10:10 this is your Average pace' 8:10 + 2:30 = 10:40 this is your `Starting pace'. During long runs it's always better/recommended to start slower and then settle down to your `average pace' as you feel good about your run and you know how much it's left. Tip: Always think that you want to run the 2nd half of your run a little faster than the first. That's easily achive by just starting running slower…(not by pushing more at the end) .got it ??

i'm going to use my first run and then "cheat" and use charlotte's second time since my lower time was off because of my hip. Faster time 9:08. Slower time 9:15. so on the shorter runs i should be running between a 10:23 - 10:30. for the longer runs my starting pace should be about 11:38 and my average pace should be about 11:08. I am quite comfortable with that right now, and even have a sneaking feeling i'll definitely want to improve...but lets just get all healed.

i don't think i mentioned...but i'm going on vacation! my friend sass and i are going to amsterdam and antwerp. i haven't been on a real vacation in almost two years!! i've had some great little long weekends away, but this is the real deal. i'm terribly excited although a was a little nervous about missing runs. however, the great thing about running is that you can do it anywhere. and i e-mailed with ramon about my hip, who first advised that i not cross-train today and stretch like crazy so i can see how it goes tomorrow. while i'm away to run twice and crosstrain twice (the hill training wouldn't be very good for my it band anyway) and when i get back, he'll personally let me know what i missed. also, luckily for me, sass is a yogi and i'm going to try to see if she'll give me a few classes.

euroskip convinced me NOT to take my laptop (thanks for bringing me back to sanity. see, i *was* listening), and so you may only hear from me once or twice, if at all. but i promise lots of cool photos when i return (i'm a bit of a shutterbug). don't worry though, one more post after practice tomorrow. for now, back to packing!

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