Friday, September 15, 2006

time to rally

you may or not remember grace from my previous posts. her husband has leukemia and will eventually need a bone marrow transplant.

the family received sad news today - neither his brother or sister matched. there are 6 genetic factors, and of those, i think at at least 4 have to match (more on this when i get my facts straight). that means they need to rely on the donor list...time to rally.

my friend s. and i thought that we could host something here in the conference room for people to come in and get tested. the first round to testing is a blood test, and i know that this has been done before so i'm starting to organize. work is in. i contacted the lls to see what info they can give me about organizing something like this.

if you lovely readers have any information on how to do this, please send it my way and e-mail me. also, if we do pull this off and know better the details of the proceedures both short and long term, i will be putting out a call for people to come in and be tested. if you know you are interested and want me to put you on the info list, please also e-mail me.

the e-mail, of course, is thanks so much for your support and help, and please send hopeful thoughts to grace and her family today.

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