Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the discontent of consumerism

as you know, i decided to order an ipod nano, refurbished because it's cheaper and i already have an ipod that stores a lot of music but is too big to run with.

today, finally, the thing arrived! i was ecstatic, running about the office exclaiming "it's so little!" and marveling at it's smallness and extremely excited over having tunes to run with as soon as i could load the thing up. i couldn't have been happier until i get an im from my friend j...

j: did you get your nano yet?
roxie: yes! got it today!
j: did you get the referb?
roxie: yep - the 2 gig - only $129.
j: well i guess you can return the refurbished ones
[extended pause as i puzzle]
roxie: and why would i want to return it?
j: oh...[extended pause]
j: apple just came out with a new line of nanos
j: today
roxie: of course.

so i "run" to the apple site and they've released a new line of nanos today that immediately have made my perfectly good purchase of a refurbished nano seem...well...Inadequate. the technology has been updated. you get more gigs for less money. and you can get more gigs. the colors are prettier. (yeah, that last one's lame, i know).

there is NO reason why the nano i just bought can't work just fine for me. it's little, and black, and will hold plenty of songs for training and the marathon. more songs than i probably need in fact...and yet i'm compelled to call apple, see if i can repackage the ipod i just got, pay the shipping costs i didn't pay to have it shipped to me to spend more money and upgrade on a new one. why? because even though i fight against it, the idea that one must have the newest, "best" thing is tempting...especially when it's apple, where everything is so pretty and shiny and...ARGH. must. not. give in!

anyway. sorry for that. i am mildly embarrassed. training tomorrow night. i think we're doing some sort of fit test, but i haven't gotten an e-mail from ramon to share with you, so we'll be surprised together.

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