Tuesday, September 05, 2006

a new york kinda life

i didn't run or cross-train today. and i'm going to blame it on my lifestyle. so there.

i had to handwash my running clothing yesterday, and because of various things going on, didn't do it until late last night. or at least i didn't wring it out until late last night. and yes, i washed all of it because i've been procrastinating. shocker, i know. so everything i could run in (the item i couldn't really do without being the sports bra, sorry to offend anyone) was drying all night.

i made a valiant effort and got up at 6:15 but it was all still wet. my brain could not comprehend macgyver-ing an outfit together so i set my alarm for 7:30 and went back to sleep.

when i left for work, everything was still wet, and i had to try to arrange both 1) a read-through of a friend's pilot and 2) a possible dinner with my sister and my cousin who's in from chicago. i had a few options:

1. if cousin wasn't having dinner, i could:
a) leave work pretty early, go home, run or cross-train, shower and go to the read-through
b) leave work on time, go home and grab clothing, go to the read through, then go run or cross-train

2. if cousin was having dinner, i could:
a) leave work pretty early, go home, run or cross-train, shower, go to the read through and then go to dinner
b) go to the read through and then go to dinner, and not exercise today

unfortunately i went with 2b. i wasn't happy about it (except for having dinner with my cousin, that i liked) but i really couldn't leave work early enought to do it all and i couldn't move the other two activities and damn it i'm just going to have to run harder to make up for it.

but i did do stuff for running and the marathon today (today = anything after 12am 9/5/2006), even if it wasn't running. here's my list:
• i bought a refurbished 2gig ipod nano and arm band. how sporty of me.
• i joined ny road runners - now i can maybe do the 2008 nyc marathon. ha. we'll see how much i love running come jan.
• registered for my first official *race*. eeeeee!! it's saturday in the park, and it's a wee 4 miles, but i'll have number and a chip to record my time and...

hmmm. i'm feeling a little bit like a real runner. ~giggle~

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