Sunday, September 03, 2006

triumphs and tribulations

after a protein-full dinner last night (a churrascaria, aka "meatfest"), i thought i would wake up ready to kick-it this morning.

not so. i wish i could blame it on the meat hangover, but it was my damn calf again. it was really tight, and i tried to run it off, but, after probably a 1/2 mile or so, and a bit of walking it still wasn't any better. i wanted to push it a little more, but my sister convinced me to just go running the next day - i reluctantly acquiesced.

it was gorgeous out, and we walked down to the manhattan bridge along the water and then cut back up to the east village through chinatown. it was a busy morning, and my sister had never been through there, so it was a good walk. when you look at those streets in a certain way, and its early enough, you can easily imagine you are not in new york. it helped wear away the guilty i-didn't-run-today-feeling i was carrying around.

the triumph of the day is that i surpassed the fundraising minimum of $3800! which is excellent because now, the breakdown of funds changes! now 100% of every single donation goes towards the research and support and amazing things that the society does versus the administrative stuff for fundraising, etc. and a special shout out to my darling sister, who has been supporting me in so many ways from letting me drag her around on city adventures, and being my running buddy, and now it was her donation that brought me over the $3800 threshold. Thanks Kristin, love you.

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