Sunday, September 17, 2006

taking it "easy"

hip status - still hurt
ego status - getting better but still bruised

how hurt, well, i'm kind of limping because it hurts too much to take a full-on step on my right leg. it's not terrible, but after brunch, my sis and i walked up to union square, which is roughly 6 short blocks and 3 long ones...and that was just about all the walking i could/wanted to take. after a half-hearted shopping attempt, i hobbled back here, and used my spiffy new ice pack, which, after 25 minutes actually took some of the pain away, so i am cautiously optimistic. i want to be run-able by wednesday, our next practice, and i think that what i'll do is two days of cross training and one day off, instead of one day running, one day cross training and one day off.

today is going to be my day off. it's probably the smartest thing to do given walking is giving me trouble. i think the reason i am mentally taking this so badly is that i've really never been physically injured before. i was never an athlete, so there hasn't been a time ever when i had hurt my body so that it wouldn't do what i wanted it to do. i'm nervous about running and just walking is a constant reminder that something is wrong.

i'm going to try to be a little bit more positive about it, not be so hard on myself and not let me stubbornness get the better of me. in the meantime, hopefully the grumpy posts aren't too annoying.

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