Monday, September 18, 2006

curse you, earbuds

true to my word, i went to the gym after work for some sensible cross-training.

the thumping of people on the treadmills was calling me, but i resisted their beckoning and settled for the elliptical machine. the elliptical machine is kind of like running without the impact. you feet don't leave the large "pedals" and basically your legs move in a circular movement. you can also do one with arm holds that move back and forth as if you were cross-country skiing, but i don't like that one. sans arms for me thank you very much.

i chose a cross-training program that started flat-ish, then went up a big hill and back down, put some bad entertainment television on, and got situated with my ipod. it's amazing how much easier that thing is than running. the only thing that was hard-ish was when it told you to pedal backwards, and even then i was more concerned with falling off the thing than getting winded.

after about 15 minutes, the earbuds started slipping from my ears. now, i happen to have very very tiny ears, not impossibly tiny, but obviously too tiny for the earbuds. it was highly annoying. the routine of trying to stuff them back in my ears got old quickly and i said good bye to music. apple, please fix this, your only design-travesty.

i went for 50 minutes including a cool-down which is about 4.5 miles (i'm not going to count these sorts of miles towards my mileage fyi). while there was a little aching here and there, by and large i felt pretty good. i iced down my hip when i got home, and i'll pop some advil before bed and hope for the best in the morning. more cross training before work or after...that is the question.

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Demps said...

I bought a headband today to try and see if that will help keep my sweaty earbuds in my giant ears in the gym. A headband.

I might as well just go all out and get the fanny pack.