Friday, November 10, 2006

unstoppable...well usually

i'm home sick again, and bored out of my mind! i know its necessary so i can kick this nasty cold but there's lots to be done at work, and i can't run until i stop coughing - this stresses me out psychologically.

two things to brag about today:

1. this morning we passed the $7,000 mark! i want to hit $8,000 by turkey-day so this is a good start!

2. we got one of our weekly e-mails from the social captain today and it in was a little blurb about why i got the spirit made me smile.

Congratulations to Phoenix’s, Roxie, who won the spirit Tee this week. Whether it’s training, fundraising or supporting fellow TNTers- Roxie is unstoppable and always goes the extra mile. Roxie started TNT with an ambitious fundraising goal of $5,000 and has since raised it to $10,000. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to reach that goal and may even auction off a tattoo (a real one) on her butt with the name of the highest bidder. Roxie never forgets to bring her smile and positive attitude to practice, even when it is pouring rain. On marathon Sunday she spent the first part of the race cheering in Brooklyn and then joined TNT in Harlem, where she could be heard for miles shouting words of support till the bitter end, when the sweep bus passed. Congratulations Roxie!

hopefully lots of soup and bad tv will render me unstoppable again soon. right now i am very stopped.

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