Thursday, November 02, 2006

i am becoming a great athlete with a great heart

those tnt people rock. after yesterday's crazy work out, we got not only a proud e-mail from ramon, but a hill graduation certificate. check it out.

and i'll share a few of words of the e-mail from ramon. i'm so very very proud. oh yes, i am.

-What doesn't kill you makes us stronger! you guessed it ! I you are reading this, I can guarantee you are now fitter, faster, stronger than 6 weeks ago, don't thank the coaches, thank the hills and all your efforts.

-This is just one stop in a long trip: just because we conquered those hills, it doesn't mean that our job is done or things will get easier, NO WAY! Now that I know what you are capable of, YOU are in big trouble !!

-Who are you? : If I was going to tell you 10 weeks ago, that you'd be doing a workout like yesterday's , you'd probably have laughed at me, now that you have done it, continue to trust your coaches, and more important TRUST YOURSELF !!

I can only say, that you have shown the commitment and dedication from day one, the coaches are proud and happy to see How your big day it's getting closer and closer, you are going to do amazing when the day comes….NO FREAKING DOUBT !!!

As a reward to your efforts You'll be getting your Hill Graduation Certificate !! a little something that you all deserve for your dedication, hard work, willingness, for putting up with us coaches !

One more week done, one less before marathon glory ! It's truly an honor watching you becoming what you are becoming !!

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Demps said...

Crap! I need to get on that damned email list.