Friday, November 03, 2006

as my mom would say, quite a "get-up"

i took my day off yesterday instead of today per the schedule. novemeber is the month that it gets tough. we supposed to run every day but two, and one of those we need to cross train. it is time to get serious and kick some ass.

because i knew i would not run after work, i had to get up this morning. as usual, i didn't want to. i was tired, having been out last night. i hadn't eaten dinner. i think i'm getting the disgusting chest-cold thing that has been plaguing everyone at my agency. because of my declaration to kick some ass, i knew i would hate myself all day if i didn't get up.

i checked the temp and it was 36 degrees. yikes. i remembered one of the coaches saying that you can run in shorts in the 40's but i thought i was going to be freezing. my apartment is still a mess, i haven't unpacked 1/2 my stuff and i could not for the life of me find any of my pants that are approrpriate for running.

what to do! as i dug around, i spied a certain accessory i had bought for my halloween costume...hmmm. did i have the guts? yeah i did. shorts, fleece, found a red sox winter cap, sneaks...and yes. leg warmers.

like i said. quite a get-up.

the run was okay. i was glad i was out there. i was a little dehydrated. a little tired. the hill-soreness kicked in. but i did it, and i've been maintaining my pace. i'm going to go to bed super early tonight because i canNOT be sick. and tomorrow...15 miles i think.

today's mileage: 4
total mileage: 172.7


Demps said...

That picture looks like something you would find on a naughty website...

...or what I would imagine is on those kinds of websites.

I wouldn't know.

Or something.

roxie said...

sure demps.

"naughty" look inspired by the american apparel leg warmers. who knew those things would actually come in handy in a practical way.

Demps said...

Just what the hell were you for Halloween again?

roxie said...

a chick from an american apparel ad...