Monday, November 13, 2006

cross-training - check!

since i did my long run yesterday, i thought that i would cross-train today. of course because of an even tonight, my only option was to get up before work for the gym. bleh. i decided i would leave it to fate and if when i woke up it wasn't raining i would go to the gym; if it was, i would get to sleep in.

my alarm went off at 6 rain. after a small debate, i threw on some clothes, grabbed the bike and just made it to the 6:30 spin class. i haven't been to spin class in *ages* and i was a little nervous that i was going to hurt. a lot.

i was pleasantly surprised that it didn't, and because i hadn't been in months i could really see how strong my legs have gotten. the only part that hurt was my knee when i was supposed to stand and ride, so instead, i stayed seated the whole time and just turned up the resistance (making it harder to pedal) instead. by the end i was a sweaty red-faced mess, but it felt good. it's also great to be done with training at 7:30.

now i need shower and head to work...

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