Thursday, November 02, 2006

off topic: my soapbox

mid-term elections are NEAR!! and everyone best be out voting, especially if you live in a district where the race is tight!

the dems have a chance to win back congress, let's get out there and do something people! it is no longer okay to sit back and believe that other people are going to do the work. it is not alright to shrug your shoulders and say "that's just the way things are." right now is a critical time for our country and our world for so many reasons - it is our responsibility NOW to get up and question, shout, discuss, act and demand change! the united states of america was born out of a group of people that were not afraid to fight for what they believed in, and it is time to reclaim that spirit and start being INVOLVED AGAIN, god damn it! you want freedom? you want freedom and democracy to stand for something good? then it's time to stop taking it for granted and give it a little of your time.

woah. i guess i'm a little feisty this morning, huh?

so how?

1. vote. duh.

2. call for change: check out where you can sign up for groups that are taking some time this weekend to call "unlikely voters" - democratic leaning people that don't often vote in mid-term elections - to make sure they get out and vote.

3. make a monitary contribution to Democracy For America. with contributions thus far, DFA has been able to launch radio spots in targeted districts, and your funds can help continue these efforts as well as give DFA-List candidates much-needed funds to put them over the top.

4. be an active citizen: stay informed and engaged. read the news. stay on top of the issues. have a stand.

and if my empassioned outburst hasn't inspired you, here are some reasons from our friend al gore that may...

Why should you pick up the phone?

Do it because the ice is melting in the Arctic, in Greenland and all over the world, and unless we take on the climate crisis soon, we could cross a point of no return.

Do it because the war in Iraq is a disaster, and our brave men and women who are fighting and dying there need an honorable and speedy path home.

Do it because in the wealthiest nation in the world, there are millions of kids who can't go the doctor when they get sick because they don't have health care.

Do it because President Bush and this Congress have chipped away at our fundamental rights—rights guaranteed every citizen—that make our country a beacon of freedom. Do it because our government shouldn't be able to wire-tap innocent citizens without a warrant.

Do it because of Abu Ghraib. Do it to tell the world that America won't sanction torture—and we fire the politicians who do. That's the real no-brainer.

Do it because five years after September 11th, President Bush and the Republican Congress have made us all less safe.

But most of all, do it because the country we all love needs our help. Our democracy is in trouble. America needs you. And in these next four days, you can come to her aid.

This election represents our greatest opportunity in decades to tilt our nation toward a progressive future. Making some calls to infrequent voters only takes an hour or two. But if thousands of us do this together, we can make history.

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