Monday, November 06, 2006

anyone want to bring me soup?

and movies and tuck me in on the couch?

i'm sick. the damn cold that has be circulating has finally landed. in my chest. *hack-hack*

i called into work, and am now pouting on my couch, watching bad day time tv & playing on the interweb. since the cold is in my chest, i can't run. i debated trying to cross-train later, but i know i just need to stay put and get better. i'd been fighting the tickle in my throat for a few days, and i know standing outside all day yesterday probably put me over the edge. well, that and moving and job and all the general stress that has been happening.

one good thing i can do today (besides watching lost online) is to make some pre-election calls. i missed the call-party i was supposed to go to yesterday since i had started to feel gross, so i have to make up for it today.

by the way, how BAD are all the political ads? i have the tv on as background and each commercial break is 3-4 sniping, negative campaign ads in a row. there's got to be a better way to get your point across.

any takers on soup delivery?

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