Tuesday, November 21, 2006

slow on the running...

i'll fess up now. i haven't ran since the 18 on saturday.

this is less a function of soreness (i am surprisingly okay after that run!) and more of life being crazy. sunday i was at my old office all day cleaning, organizing and getting things okay for green team because i was leaving. then i had to be at grand central monday morning at 7 am to go to connecticut for a client meeting for my new job! on my first day! today i couldn't get up out of bed...and then after work i had a few drinks with colin and josh, rendering me too tired to pack tonight.

i figure i'm going to need to run in order to keep my sanity while i'm at home. i'm going to try to run tomorrow morning, but i'll probably have to pack instead...so that means i'll run at home a lot.

i just can't tell you how exhausted i am. i'll be over it soon, but i think some time away from the city will do me good.

next post from the wilds of brimfield, massachusetts...

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