Monday, November 13, 2006

a trip to the trails

this saturday we'll be taking a trip to lovely new jersey to run on the trails. i'll leave to ramone to explain. i'm excited. except for the running time (you'll see).

As you most of you know , next saturday November 18th we'll be taking a road trip to NJ to go for a nice trail run. Running on the trails besides providing a good chance of scenery will help your body go thru the longrun minimizing the stress to your joint/muscles by running on soft surface. We are going to the Delaware River /Raritan Canal towpath, Piscattaway, NJ, this is the place where yours truly run most of my longruns, so let's face, it's good for me, it's got to begood for you !

Meeting time: 7:00 am
Meeting spot: 77th street between Central Park west and Columbus
Travel time to trails: 48:36
Start running: 8:15 am
Running time : Long time
Expected time back to the city: around 1:30-2 pm.

huh. that sounds like a long morning to me...i guess it'll be an extra early evening the night before.

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