Saturday, November 18, 2006

18 miles in the armpit of america

it's been a really long week. i can now let you in on the major reason i've been a little absent from the blog. in short, i decided to leave green team and go to another agency, called syrup. i'm excited about my move, but getting everything squared away and saying goodbyes has made it a very emotional week.

we had to be uptown at 7 am this morning to leave the trails in nj, and because drew lives in brooklyn, he crashed on my couch so we could make sure he got to practice. of course, we ended up chatting until 1 am...not exactly a smart move when you have to be up at 6:15.

woke at the right time, got dressed, woke drew up, made toaster waffles with pb & honey, chugged water, and left a little bit late. met handsome up the block, hopped in a cab to charlotte's apartment - she was driving. we were running late so by the time we got to the meeting spot, most people were gone and so it was off to new jersey.

we make a pretty good little foursome, i have to say. we had a fun car-ride to the trails, with topics ranging from various running aches and pains, to my tattoo auction and what if's (what if the guy has the same name as an ex-boyfriend?).

it was kind of chilly when we got there, but we knew we were going to warm up so that wasn't really an issue. the issue was running the 18 miles. honolulu was supposed to do 20. everyone else could do 18-20. charlotte and i decided on 18, since we have another 6 weeks and 20 is the most we were going to run. the course was a "down & back" - 9 miles down, 9 miles back - all on a dirt path along the delaware river. the coaches set up water spots for us at miles 4, 6, & 7.5 (so we also had water at 10.5, 12 & 14 on the way back). there were bathrooms at the start but we were going to have to commune with nature if we needed to go again.

we started out and i was achy as usual. it band on the right (but not debilitatingly sore), shin splint on the left, random tightness here and there. by the time we got to mile 4 though, i was feeling better and already you could feel th...

EDITOR'S NOTE:while at home in brimfield, i went to up date my mileage from 18.0 to 18.2, and i somehow erased 2/3's of this damn post. i am so damn only hope is that my mother printed it out to read it. argh. in anycase, here is the short version of the rest of the story...i'll try to recreate in more detail later:

-handsome ran 18.2 miles super fast, he is a speedy maniac
-drew ran 20 miles fast, but suffered from some i.t. band issues. yuck.
-charlotte & i ran our 18 miles at our usual speed - we did fantastic!! and, crazily enough...i could have run two more.

today's mileage: 18.2
total mileage: 228.2

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Demps said...

Ramon actually mentioned that the 18 mile run was 18.2 miles. Don't want to see you sell yourself short. Good job.